For over 65 years MacDon Industries Ltd. and its predecessor Killbery Industries Ltd., have been world leaders in the technology, innovation and manufacturing of high quality, high performance harvesting equipment. Our harvesting history is rooted deep in the rich prairie heritage of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As family-owned companies, MacDon and Killbery kept their values firmly intact while becoming world-class equipment manufacturers.

We’re proud of our reputation in providing customers with quality equipment and take our position as The Harvesting Specialists seriously... because at the end of the day, our equipment helps producers harvest the crops that feed the world.


FACMA s.r.l., has more than 30 years of experience in the research and study of a modern and specialised agriculture. It is well-known for its design and manufacturing of machinery which works the land, mechanised collection of produce from the ground, and plants for the drying, selection and cleaning of the produce.
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Fimco Industries is headquartered in North Sioux City, SD and is the largest manufacturer of lawn and garden sprayers in the United States. It has a complete line of sprayers from a 5 gallon home owner model through a 1000 gallon agricultural field sprayer.


New technology from  NARDI


Space between lines Covered by the pan Designed to contain all that falls from the plant

Necklaces, covered with rubber blocks

Instant cutting Discs create a numerical effect


 Agriculture Technology Solutions 

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