Interspares L.t.d - cooperates with factories and suppliers around the world Over 20 years

specializing in the production of combine harvester parts, tractor parts, wheat harvesters, processing tools, and more...

Collaboration with factories and suppliers around the world allows customers to get the highest quality product and  low price

Interspares L.t.d is the leading company in Israel in providing technical agriculture solutions.

The company was founded in the year of 2000, from the idea of her founders – Udi Sharir and Nir Clopman.


Our goal was to establish a company that will give solutions to the wide range of agriculture tools that is in the farms, with the highest quality, and fair price, and to enable our customers to find unique solutions according to their needs.


For that, we bonded with the leading companies in the world.

- Ratek Industries – a factory that Specialized in manufacturing ...


Over the years interspares started to import unique equipment from the leading companies:

- MacDon – the Harvesters and harvesting header for combines.

- Import and Export used Equipment

- Facma – the ultimate solution for Almonds nuts picking

- Advice and support in the logistic and the agriculture Machinery

We have two main Principle:

1. The costumer's needs are first

Understanding the clients need are the base of all other activity, and the company invests time and resources to help her clients to identify and

to Define their needs and to find the best solution that suits them.


2. Fairness and honesty are above all without compromise!

We believe that the solid base for a great relationship between the company and her costumers is Fairness and honesty.

Our greatest satisfaction is to be able to help you to find the best solution for you.